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The LJC Restaurant Group celebrates its 35th year as we all gather at its flagship restaurant and dear Malate vanguard, Cafe Adriatico.

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Food & Recipes Food & Recipes
 I’m passionate about everything that has to do with food – from the cultivation of its ingredients, to the processing and cooking of the dish, to the way it’s plated.
Restaurants & Food Biz Restaurants & Food Biz
 I love trying out new restaurants and sampling other people’s cooking! I also love writing about the people who have made feeding other people a profitable way of life.
Home Tips Home Tips
 Living in the city, in a small rented apartment and on a limited budget, makes you creative. It’s not “Barefoot Contessa” standards, but Martha would be proud.
Freelancing Freelancing
 Having worked as a freelancer for so long, I have my share of horror stories, frustrations, and revelations, which I make a habit of sharing.
Writing Writing
 I have been a student of the written word since I was two – thanks to my family of bookworms. I love the craft and anything that has to do with it.
Business Business
 Entrepreneurs are some of the most fascinating and inspiring people you’ll ever meet, and I just love seeking them out, picking their brains, and sharing their stories online.
Product Reviews Product Reviews
 Honest-to-goodness consumer reviews of everything I can get my hands on, from scrapbooking tools to can openers.
Events Events
 As a writer and journalist, I get to go to product launches and stuff, and I like converting these stories into more personal essays that host brands don’t get a say in, and posting them here.
Travel Travel
 I love to explore new places as much as I like discovering new foods, and most of the time, these two activities go hand in hand and make for a great story.