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In other news, Best Food Forward, a benefit summer food fair that made its debut in 2011, wasn’t initially meant to be an annual event. But because there was such a demand for it, the event returns for another round this year, causing ripples of anticipation through the foodie community.

A few weeks ago, its organizers invited a few bloggers to sample a sneak peek of a few of the offerings that would some treats that would be available – a unique kind of appetizer.

Nuffnang bloggers, chilling out before the tasting session got underway.

There were ten vendor participants at this “patikim”, and I can tell you that these guys alone merit a visit to the NBC tent this weekend. The offerings were diverse and came with very interesting stories. It was a little dessert-heavy, but when was that ever a problem?

First, the fun stuff. A fan of deep-fried liempo? Then this mouth-watering goodie from Carlo’s Kitchen will bowl you over. Simply called “Crunchy Belly”, it’s the same liempo we all know and love, but it’s in a strange new form. The fatty pork strips are sliced thinly, seasoned gently, lightly breaded and deep-fried to crisp perfection. It breaks apart between your teeth with a satisfying crackle and pop, and melts on your tongue as you chew. Surprisingly, it’s not oily enough to be icky to handle – though it’s by no means health food.

Hear that? That’s the sound of your veins crying out for mercy. Ignore them.
Next door, there’s Skew U, bringing you meat that has been flavored with rich spices, skewered, and roasted with choice veggies. You have a choice of chicken, pork, and (angus) beef, and every serving gets you a pair of kebabs nestled on a bed of fragrant java rice and smothered in a secret sauce.

Skew U already has a successful enterprise somewhere in QC, and its java rice is subtle, without the overly smoky or sweet taste that some “java rice” dishes have.

MMMMMM. Tear me off a piece of that. You know you want to.
On the opposite side of the savory spectrum, we have Quantum Cafe, a popular little vegan place in Makati (yes, dear, vegan, not vegetarian. Your mother warned you there’d be days like these). They brought beautiful pizzas made with faux cheese and fresh herbs. I wish I could tell you what these lovelies tasted like, but my courage failed me. But dude… FAUX. CHEESE. The other bloggers said it was nice, though.

Pesto, olives, basil, and faux cheese. Maybe on Saturday, yes?
Did you know that the cacao plant grows especially well in the Philippines? Well, it does, and the chocolate for the cupcake shown below is made from Philippine-grown cocoa produced by ChocoATBP. The husband and wife team use only local chocolate, and they make an extra-strong version of the baked good. It’s so intense that the chocolate flavor creeps up your sinuses, raises goosebumps on your flesh, and makes your eyes roll back in your head, for real. A must-try for chocolate lovers. It’s so good that if you get only one thing during your visit, it has to be from this stall.

Seriously knock-your-socks-off chocolate. Bring a batch home and have them with a really nice red wine. Or milk, if you swing that way.
Finally, we come to the crown jewel of the afternoon’s collection – Butterbeer! Amazingly, it’s brought to the table by a shy young entrepreneur. By young, I mean she’d have to wait another six years to sample her ‘adult butterbeer version’, which is laced with rhum.

I’d forgotten to write down her name, but I’m sure you’ll meet her at the BFF event. A huge Harry Potter fan, she found the recipe on the net, did a little tweaking, and viola! A drink that Potter fans and non-fans alike will enjoy. Don’t worry too much about the alcohol content. Keep the adult version away from minors, but if you’re legally allowed to guzzle a beer, it’ll take a couple of pints of this before you get tipsy.

There was also artisan ice cream from Pint, the super popular Manang’s chicken, jars of preserves that are as cute as they are yummy from The Fruit Garden, cakes that taste insanely light and yet are iced with pure cream from Casa San Luis, and adorable little tasty pies from Simply Pie.

Go to Best Food Forward this weekend, and bring a few friends along for the food trip of the year!

For more information, check out Best Food Forward’s website.

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