5 Quick cleaning tips for the busy business owner

So did you weather the last typhoon well? I’m stuck and bedridden for at least a week – I hope you guys are okay! But while we’re all brace ourselves against the bad weather, I wanted to share this timely article by Natalie Brown, about cleaning your home office space.

If you are running a business then you are probably pretty busy most of the time, and often cleaning is the least of your worries. But to maintain a great looking business you need to have a clean, well-kept workplace, both for your customers and your employees. One way to maintain a clean, great looking business is to ensure that cleaning is done regularly. Here are 5 quick cleaning tips for the busy business owner.

You don't need all this, all at once.

You don’t need all this, all at once.

Stay on top of cleaning

Doing a little bit as a time will ensure that you don’t have a massive cleaning job to do all at once. A little bit here and there to maintain a clean business will ensure that the grime is not caked on. When you have a spare 15 minutes it’s a great opportunity to grab a cloth and do something small that you know needs doing. A little bit of dusting every day will do wonders for keeping the place looking great.

Do like cleaning jobs together

One way to make cleaning easier is to do all the similar jobs at the same time. If you have a cloth and some window spray in your hand as you are doing a mirror, then why not head over to the windows and do them as well, while you have the gear out and the inclination. This way you will get little jobs done together and you won’t need to go back and do them later.

Have a cleaning schedule

If you have employees then organising a cleaning schedule will help them to know what needs doing if they find themselves with spare time while they are at work. The saying ‘if you’ve got time to lean, you’ve got time to clean’ is a good motto to have in your workplace. Not only will it mean that you aren’t paying people to stand around, but you won’t have people doing the same job twice when there are other jobs that need doing.

Keep to your schedule, no excuses!

Keep to your schedule, no excuses!

Pre-treat and let the products do the work

A lot of cleaning products will work better when they are sprayed on and left to soak in a bit. A great time saver if you are short of time is to spray them on and then go and do something else that needs doing. When you come back to it ten minutes later you will find that the grime comes off a lot easier with a lot less effort.

Get a commercial cleaner

In business, time means money, and often the time that you spend cleaning could be better utilised with you working, while someone else does the cleaning for you. A commercial cleaner will know how to get the job done a lot quicker than you because they do that for a living, and employing one to come regularly will mean that you can use your time for more important things. AMC Cleaning is a great commercial cleaning service that cleans all sorts of different businesses.

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    Response to: 5 Quick cleaning tips for the busy business owner

    1. Sylvan

      Owning a plumbing company and paying the average mechanic $50 per hr I find it hardly cost effective having them cleaning an office that is why the Lord in her wisdom created cleaning services that can come to the office once or twice or even three times a week as needed

      By letting someone else make a living my employees can use the 15 – 20 minutes of spare time to straighten up the vans and take an inventory of what they need.

      This is the same reasoning is why I refuse to even change the oil in my car or vans as people must place a value of their time.

      Can I change my own oil possibly then how much time did I waste trying to dispose of the waste?

      What about the time to buy the oil and filter?

      This type of small minded thinking is why some folks seem to never make ends meet and live from pay check to pay check

      The same 15 minutes used to wipe a desk I can clear a main sewer stoppage and make $350.

      People must learn to think out side of the box and respect other peoples professions including those who clean houses and offices for a living

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