Come along to the Soirée Beaujolais Nouveau 2013

The Soirée Beaujolais Nouveau is a party, one that takes place in celebration of one of the most highly-regarded wines in France.  On the third Thursday of every year, at a minute past midnight exactly, kegs and bottles of the year’s Beaujolais are opened amid joyous cries of “Le Beaujolais Nouveau est arrivé! (The New Beaujolais has arrived!).  The same thing happens all over France, and hour after hour across the globe in participating countries as midnight strikes across time zones, a little like New Year but a little less drunker.

This year's banner!  Image courtesy of

This year’s banner! Image courtesy of


I was lucky enough to be invited to the media launch with a few blogger friends, and we had an awesome time. If the pre-party is this fun, I can’t wait for November 21.

In the Philippines, the  Soirée Beaujolais is organized by the French Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines (FCC-Le Club).  A tradition that is now 22 years old, it has evolved into the largest celebration of its kind in Asia, a high point of French-Philippine social life.  It’s always a night of wine, food, and song, where the young, fruity wine of the season is drunk with gusto.

Of course, it’s not just about the wine.  In essence, it’s an embodiment of joie de vivre, an exuberant enjoyment of life and all of the experiences it has to offer. What better symbol of this French way of life, the embracing of the sensation of living, than the delightful young red wine – youthful, bright, light on the palate, and meant to be enjoyed now because it loses its very essence otherwise?

It’s a great way to access a little more understanding of the French people whom many of us live and work with every day. It’s a glimpse into their culture, which they always generously share.

Some business bigwigs we had the pleasure of meeting.

Some business bigwigs we had the pleasure of meeting.

Speaking of generously sharing, did you know that several large multinationals conducting business in the Philippines are French-owned? I myself was ignorant of the fact that oil company Total was a French company, despite having friends there.

The director of LLC told us that the Philippines is seen as a viable investment for French investors, and that they expect Philippine-bound tourism and business to increase significantly in the coming years. Now that is something I would definitely drink to.


A toast, and an invitation, to the grand party on November 21!

A toast, and an invitation, to the grand party on November 21!

Incidentally, it was the first French man I ever loved who spurred me to a love of wine.  He was my oldest friend’s boyfriend, and he was, at the time, the only French man I knew.  My beloved boy invited me into their home, and he taught me to drink wine as we argued with the equally delectable Danish man about whether or not Women’s Day was a legitimate occasion. I was soon very fond of this vivacious, outspoken, caring guy; and happy for him and my friend.

He has since returned to France for the foreseeable future, but he has left an imprint on all the Pinoys he met.  On me, aside from ‘learn to speak your piece’, it was “drink wine, even if it’s not New Year”. On a deeper note, the lessons resonated with my own passion for absolutely everything. It was a good thing.

Oh, and if you’re wondering if we ever got together, you don’t know me very well.

Champagne Moreno and the Bunny do The Pose

Having some fun with the host of the night!

That said, I would like to extend the French Chamber of Commerce (FCC) in the Philippines’ invitation to all of my readers. It’s going to be on November 21, 2013, at the Tent City, Manila Hotel. The theme’s “Streets of Paris”, and aside from regional wines, the newly uncorked Beaujolais will be served with nommy cheese. You even stand to win luxury raffle prizes from the sponsors.

So come, partake of the wine, enjoy the company. Bring someone who makes you laugh. Invite someone you would like to kiss someday. Drink, eat, and be merry, because today was awesome and tomorrow is another gift we might not get.

Tickets are P3000 apiece, and are well worth it. To avail of them, contact FCC-LeClub through email ( or phone (+632 813 9005).

See you there!

And maybe you'll run into us. :)

And maybe you’ll run into us. 🙂

See you there!


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