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One of the most annoying, time-consuming, and stress-inducing tasks in marketing is cold calling. Which is why we pay telemarketers so well – nobody in their right minds would volunteer for this job. But what if someone made it easier and more efficient? Well, Just Go Cloud from GoAutoDial does just that.

Someone please lower this kitty's stress levels.

Someone please lower this kitty’s stress levels.

Just Go Cloud is a free-to-use web app, specifically created for small and medium enterprises as a way to break into phone marketing without the astronomical cost in both time and money. Its a great solution that works both ways – it’s more efficient for companies and less invasive for target market.

How does that work?

Well, for one thing, everything is automated. That’s a whole lot of costs eliminated right there. You can record your message and schedule it to go out at a certain time. The automated system then calls your list of numbers for you, and get this – automatically logs how many people pick up, how long they stay on the line, who doesn’t pick up because the line has been terminated, whose number returned a busy signal, and who chose to opt out from your data base.

Yes, this cloud application allows people you call to opt out, and that is awesome. I cannot count how many times I’ve asked to be taken off a call list to be called again in as little as 48 hours by a completely different person from the same company, with the same offer. It has never been pretty when I lose my temper.

At the very least, Just Go Cloud will guarantee that this will never have to happen to you again:

OMFG you &^@#$%# mentally backward little %$%$#!!!  How many times have I SAID NO?!?

OMFG you &^@#$%# mentally backward little %$%$#!!! How many times have I SAID NO?!?

Eliminating the dead ends knocks off wasted manhours, gives you exponentially more qualified leads, and in effect, helps you direct more of your attention and effort towards more income-producing activities. The cloud solution also accommodates up to more than a hundred thousand users at the same time – talk about efficiency.

To top it all off, it is awesome with testing. You can record several messages during a campaign, and the app will keep track of which spiels are most effective, and which are just not returning results. You can then modify your campaign to make use of only the best techniques, and document the data you gather for future use.

Sometimes you can only figure out what’s wrong with something if you do it. Sometimes a message is confusing. With JustGoCloud, you can spot errors and make the changes needed immediately and not waste an entire campaign irritating and confusing your potential customers.

Why yes, I'm against animal testing.  Press one?  One what?

Why yes, I’m against animal testing. Press one? One what?

Best of all, the company offers a free trial to call call clients and respondents in the US and Canada, and even when you do decide to purchase the full system, it still reduces the cost of prospective calling by a staggering 20%.

So if you’ve ever thought about how a dedicated call center system might be beneficial for your business, you need to give this a try. It’s zero investment, and the rewards are instant. Tell them the bunny sent you. 😉

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