There is a murderer in your kitchen

Yes, there’s a killer and a kitchen, and if you’re the one indulging your family in deep-fried ulam every single day, then you’re the guilty party. Everyone knows that some fast food restaurants should start offering life insurance as their food’s so loaded with artery-clogging fat and oil; but don’t your loved ones deserve better than having grease shoved down their gullet at home?

Most likely, you believe they do, but think that you can’t possibly cook fat-free because the food’ll stick to the pan and become a ruined mess. No worries! Oil-free cooking is a reality – and not because of chemical-laden “non-stick” coatings, either. There’s a lot of ways to reduce the oil in your diet, and some people even do it with classy pots and pans from Royal Prestige Cookware.

So, can a change of cookware possibly keep you from seeing your cardiologist more often? Why yes, yes it can.

Cooking liempo without oil!

The slabs of nommy delicious pork belly were just…laid there.

What the hell do you mean, that's not how fish is supposed to look?

What the hell do you mean, that’s not how fish is supposed to look?

Mmmmm. So appetizing. Fish-flavored carbonized oil.

Mmmmm. So appetizing. Fish-flavored carbonized oil.

Fried food, if done at the right temperature, with the right tools, do not take on excessive amounts of fat and can (should!!!) be served occasionally at home.

However, every cook knows that bad cookware can be a factor in bad food. Meats stick and don’t caramelize properly, and when food sticks, we automatically reach for the oil bottle, usually adding more and more as the over-heated, pitiful bits of what could have been nutrition soak it all up.

See the pictures on your left? That was last Wednesday’s lunch. Carefully prepared galunggong reduced to charcoal bits. You’d think I’d know better! But noooooo.

What’s more, when low-quality cookware ages, it becomes more and more of a health risk. Some won’t heat evenly, some won’t hold heat, some with textured surfaces can’t be cleaned properly – and, if they’re coated with a thin, cheap layer of “non-stick” they can be slowly poisoning you and your family. That stuff flakes and finds its way into your food, making your diet a little richer in carcinogenic minerals than you’d like. If you don’t regularly inspect your cookware for deterioration, you could be signing your family on for a long trip downhill.

Fortunately, there are people making high-end cookware that does away with added oil, and I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I waggled my brows at the promise of “absolutely oil-free”, non-stick cooking by the premier cookware manufacturer Royal Prestige, even after they had invited my friends from the Philippine Blogger Network and myself to go see it for ourselves. I arrived skeptical and ready to eat small, polite bites of badly-cooked, kunwari-prito-pero-boiled meats; and I left stuffed, impressed and happy.

To our unending surprise, the food was cooked with ease and with minimal prep and assistance. It was done as though it were fried the traditional way, and yet not a single drop of oil was used.

This would make a great wedding gift.

This would make a great wedding gift.

To demonstrate the efficiency of the Royal Prestige ® Innove™ and Nutraease™ cooking systems, our hosts made a slew of dishes in a couple of hours – Ovenless Cheesy Baked Macaroni, Greasless Crispy Fried Chicken, Waterless Sinigang na Hipon, Oven-top Grilled Boneless Bangus, Ovenless Baked Chicken, and Greasless Crispy Lechon Kawali. Except for the macaroni and cheese that required a little attention, the demonstrators just slid the pre-marinated or seasoned meat into the gleaming, surgical-steel pans and left them alone.

Frying chicken in its own shmaltz, without additional oil!

Frying chicken in its own shmaltz, without additional oil!

Soon the unmistakable sizzling sounds of something good frying filled the air, along with the scent of litson kawali and fried chicken. It was dinner time, and kind of hard to concentrate on what they were telling us about the cookware among all the delicious sights and smells, but we managed. Kinda.

Waterless sinigang na sugpo

Waterless sinigang na sugpo! Damn you, allergies!

Even the traditional sinigang was cooked with a twist – veggies and large, fresh shrimp were put in a pot, covered, and left to their own devices for a couple of minutes. Then the souring agent, the juice of several kalamansi, was added. The pot was closed again, and lo and behold, when it was opened again, there was soup. The veggies had sweated and given off their essences without having them evaporate, so this was veggie-juice infused sinigang. The ultimate in flavorful healthy food – if my seafood allergies didn’t kill me first.


At first, I had a suspicion this guy was set to pull the wool over our eyes. But he was awesome, and the so were the nomz.

make sinigang without water

Lo and behold! The minor miracle of the Sinigang Soup.

The trick with the Innove™ and Nutraease™ cookware isn’t black magic, it’s food tech at its best. Every piece is made of superior 316Ti type stainless steel and Titanium, an alloy cleverly named TriTanium™ that enables the opts and pans to heat up fast and evenly, and retain that heat longer.

They’ve also been constructed in such a way that they’re arguably one of the most durable surfaces available in stovetop cooking. In fact, they are so confident that they offer you a 50-year warranty. If anything at all happens to your Royal Prestige cookware to make it less effective (or in some cases, even less pretty) than it is, they will replace the item, no questions asked. That’s as long a lease as you get on buildings, and I have yet to see anyone willing to replace one when you’re no longer happy with it.

Can you believe that this lechon kawali is HEALTHIER than your average fried food?  Amazeballs!

Can you believe that this lechon kawali is HEALTHIER than your average fried food? Amazeballs!

I was most skeptical about how the things were going to bake. And yet bake they did – the macaroni was done to perfection. How is it possible? I dug around on their site and found that it’s because of the Silichromatic Ring™ some of their units have. It creates a tight seal, trapping steam and heat inside.

I think it’s great for “baking” and “roasting” moist food such as meats (want it drier? I recommend raising the food off the pot floor with a rack)., and maybe kakanin like puto, but I’m not sure it’ll make bread.

Healthier dishes, in a fraction of the time.  I love it!

Healthier dishes, in a fraction of the time. I love it!

At the end of the demo, the cooks gathered up all the rendered animal fat into a bowl – and there was enough to deep-fry another chicken with. When we were done shuddering, I think we all secretly vowed to conduct spot checks in our kitchens to make sure we were not being forced to use more oil than we have to.

Switch to oil-free cooking! Because nobody needs this in their body.

Switch to oil-free cooking! Because nobody needs this in their body.

The only downside of the whole thing is that the Royal Prestige system isn’t available in regular stores. They’re only available direct from the dealership.

But even that has a bright side to it. Call the dealer, and they’ll come make you a meal – absolutely FREE OF CHARGE just to make a believer out of you. I now believe… and you should see this stuff yourself!

To find out how to cook without oil, contact Ms. Millicent Joy Isaac at mobile no. 0922-883-7284 or 799-4237, and her e-mail address at

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