vOffice offers freelancers and budding business people a proper HQ

While working from home is all well and good, it pays to have a place where you can escape from the perils of the home office every now and then.

Several co-working spaces offer freelancers and business owners the privilege of having a modern office in the heart of the business district without the regular cost of maintaining one. Among these, vOffice has excelled in giving professionalism, value for money, and a definitive technological edge.

You can have this in your lobby, too.

You can have this in your lobby, too.

Not only does it let you meet your clients and partners in the comfort and luxury of a real boardroom, it also serves as a secure address to have parcels and mail delivered, as well as giving you the option to avail of an answering service that will ensure that you don’t miss a beat, even when you’re not available to receive calls.

Oh, and did we mention the view?

Oh, and did we mention the view?

Of course, there's a fully-functional pantry.

Of course, there’s a fully-functional pantry.

You also get a dedicated telephone line, a fax number, and several other services that would otherwise cost you extra, such as secretarial services, accounting services, and the like.

So when you’re ready to take your business to the next level, prepare to step into your very own office in the heart of Makati’s business centers and book an office at vOffice.

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