Pioneer Insurance launches easy online travel insurance application

Traveling is all about striking out to discover the unusual and expecting the unexpected. But what happens when the unexpected does happen, and it’s not all that pleasant? When you’re far from home and you’re in a bit of an accident, who can you turn to for emergency aid?

It isn't safe. Here, take this.

It isn’t safe to go alone. Here, take this.

I love traveling. I’m also one of the clumsier people you will come across in your lifetime, so I’ve had my fair share of accidents while far from home – jellyfish stings, heatstroke, a knock to the head from some guy carrying his surfboard and not watching what he was doing, a fall from a boat that was not supposed to be moving.

Every single time, a first aid kit and a quick trip to the local clinic cleared things right up, but what if I wasn’t that lucky? What happens when you’re traveling and get yourself into a bad fix?

That’s the side of vacationing in exotic places that we don’t usually think about. We want travel to be absolutely safe and risk-free. But let’s face it- the moment you step out of your door, you aren’t risk free (did I mention that 80% of accidents happen at home? That’s another story for another time).

Being carefree doesn’t have to mean being unsafe. These days, it’s easy to get a little extra assurance with travel insurance that can be had for a fraction of your travel budget.

No worries, be happeh.

No worries, be happeh.

Pioneer makes it even easier by launching Travel Buddy, a personal accident insurance coverage that is available exclusively online. It comes with a Php 100,000 cash benefit and is the first insurance product in the market that lets you travel all you want for a month (30 days), secure in the knowledge that you’re financially prepared in case of any accident.


The plan’s benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

— Loss of life (Php 100,000)
— Disablement of both hands or both feet or sight of both eyes (Php 100,000)
— Disablement of one hand and one foot or either hand or foot or sight of one eye (Php 100,000)
— Disablement of one hand or one foot or sight of one eye (Php 50,000)

Best of all, it only costs Php 100. Dude – that’s not even the cost of the scorching latte you’re about to scald your mouth on, and it’s worth every centavo in terms of peace of mind.

To know more about how you can get Travel Buddy – which is solely available online,
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Happy trails, everyone!


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