Born and raised in the heart of Makati, I live in a little apartment with Roommate, The Girl, and a shifting sea of cats.  At first glance, I’m the typical urbanite.

Except…I am the ultimate double agent.

I love the artisan lifestyle – slow food, growing your own herbs, making everything from scratch.  But I can’t even think of living in a place where there isn’t a jeepney on the street at any hour of the day or night, or where McDonald’s stores close for the night.  Take me out of the big city for more than a few days and I physically suffer from withdrawal.

I’m a laid-back artist-type person, living in the heart of the commercial district of the Philippines, thriving as a hard-nosed entrepreneur in the fast-paced world of digital commerce.

I cook in a teeny kitchen with multitasking equipment, mixing farm-raised, organic ingredients with exotic oils and herbs; melt three kinds of cheeses in the microwave, struggle with decadent flourless chocolate cake in a broiler because I don’t have an oven.  But I know that sometimes nothing beats a simple pack of instant noodles with a single boiled egg.

I love traditional food.  But I also adore the new and insanely different.

At work, I am a publicist and communications consultant, helping clients navigate the maze of digital promotions, content marketing, and blogger relations.  People pay me to find them the best bang for their advertising buck.

At the same time, I’m a blogger and a writer, a journalist at heart.  I’m rabidly against content farming, and the reckless commercialization of blogging.  But I still work in the system,  because I believe in reform from within.

An idealist, a realist, and an optimist in one, I am the Urban Bunny.


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