Frames of Reference, Lopez Museum's fitting finale

Philippine National Artist, Benedicto Reyes Cabrera, has been widely recognized as a master of contemporary art. More popularly known as Bencab, Cabrera is now commemorating his 50th year of creating art and providing inspiration for generations of Filipinos. Most fittingly, one of the highlights of this milestone year will Read more

HalleLUYA, it's yellow ginger to the rescue!

Remember when they said that the frivolities of your youth would eventually bite you in the rear? It’s true. And currently it’s been gnawing away at me like a dog chews a bone. But this is a story of how I found a pill that bites back, made from Read more

Nanofixit is nanotech for clean screens!

The future is here! Nanotech is now on hand your cellphones? That's right, the biggest advancement in recent scientific history is now at your fingertips, literally. Brought to you by a team of European and Asian businessmen, Nanofixit is a brand of nano chemical liquid that is about to Read more

DIY discovery: Recycled, heat-treated pinewood planks!

For a christening party I'm doing styling for, I need a sign made of wooden planks. Unfortunately, it seemed like there were none to be found. Finally I hit upon looking for pinewood on OLX, and voila, several sellers turned up. Unfortunately most were located in areas that would Read more

BPI 24/7’s Rewards gives away brand new tablets!

It's all over the intarwebs! Five lucky BPI Banks clients recently won a new Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4 each just by being picked in the first ever draw of BPI 24/7 Banking Channel’s “Get that Gadget Promo!” This is BPI’s way of rewarding its customers for making use of Read more

There is a murderer in your kitchen

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Yes, there’s a killer and a kitchen, and if you’re the one indulging your family in deep-fried ulam every single day, then you’re the guilty party. Everyone knows that some fast food restaurants should start offering life insurance as their food’s so loaded with artery-clogging fat and oil; but don’t your loved ones deserve better than having grease shoved down their gullet at home?

Most likely, you believe they do, but think that you can’t possibly cook fat-free because the food’ll stick to the pan and become a ruined mess. No worries! Oil-free cooking is a reality – and not because of chemical-laden “non-stick” coatings, either. There’s a lot of ways to reduce the oil in your diet, and some people even do it with classy pots and pans from Royal Prestige Cookware.

So, can a change of cookware possibly keep you from seeing your cardiologist more often? Why yes, yes it can.

Cooking liempo without oil!

The slabs of nommy delicious pork belly were just…laid there.

Learn to cook with ZERO oil after the click

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    Philippine Touch football team wins big in Bangkok!

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    Congratulations are in order for the newly-minted Touch Football Pilipinas Ladies National Development team. They have just returned home after claiming victory in the 2014 Bangkok 10s tourney, utterly obliterating the competition and establishing themselves as a team to to be reckoned with.


    This photo from GMA news shows the proud team members of the Touch Football Pilipinas Ladies National Development team together with their opponents in the Finals, the Emirates Firebirds.
    Picture copyright to Gene Flores.

    More on their win after the cut

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      Couleurs La Femme, the power of choice

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      Last week, I attended the debut of a product that’s marketed a little differently from most of its kind – in that it’s marketed at all.  Couleurs La Femme is a line of oral contraceptive pills which claim to be specially formulated to help women achieve beauty, balance, vitality, and freedom.

      Given the heated debate on the topic of contraception in the Philippines, it was little wonder that attendees like me were told the name of the brand but not much else, until we actually got to One Esplanade on Seaside Boulevard in Pasay.

      I can’t pronounce the product name right, but the invite looks pretty.

      The launch promised to be a classy event, and it did not disappoint. A venue by the bay, retro music courtesy of the Bloom Brothers, a troupe from Airdance performing, an open bar, and women, women everywhere!

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        Falling behind and dealing with it

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        2012 Was the beginning of so many things for me – a new job (old function in a new industry), a new commitment to fitness (Milo APEX) and a new relationship (the Girl says I never write about her), and a new, semi-pro blog. It’s mid-June, and things seem to have hit a snag.

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          Sexification via Milo APEX

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          I met Coach Jim Saret during an interview for the Milo APEX Running Clinic late last year. I was so impressed at how he and his team had revolutionized runners’ training that I’d made up my mind right then and there to sign up, although it would take over five months before I was ever going to be in a Milo APEX class.

          Not a moment too soon, either. Once upon a time, I was a very fit little bunny. I was on the varsity track and field team, and dabbled in rowing. But years of sitting at a desk have made me soft and fluffy, and curvy in all the wrong places. Worse, the additional padding has taken its toll. I recently found that I have to lose the flab or suffer ever-increasing difficulties with my asthma. Possible complications include an attack that I would not be coming back from, and it was likely to happen before I’m old enough to retire. (Also, I hate the way I look in my old business clothes.)

          The chance to get back into shape in a safe, more efficient manner under the watchful eyes of experts, and at minimal cost (well, financially, at least) was something I was definitely not going to pass up. I was determined to someday walk up a flight of stairs without gasping, and to fit into a tailored top again.

          The MILO APEX Running School was the perfect place to begin my (re?)sexification

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